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  Hello Parents!

First of all, we are just so thankful for all that you’ve been doing to keep your children engaged in school work!  THIS ISN’T EASY! You are doing amazing!

Zoom Meetings:



In an effort to have all 2nd graders complete their coursework, we have decided to put together Zoom meetings for every week we have been doing distance learning.  Ms. Giles and Mrs. Cook share a majority of the students in our literacy and math classes.  For this reason, we’ve opted to work together to catch everyone up.

Zoom meetings will be held three times a week.  Each meeting will focus on a specific week of work that needed to be turned in either digitally or at past drop offs.  Below you will find a schedule of when meetings will be held.  Our vision is to hold a meeting that covers the entire packet/module that was due for the week.  Any student that is missing that week’s work is invited to attend and will receive the credit for the work completed after the Zoom call.  For example, if Suzy was unable to complete her packet for Week #1 in Mrs. Cook’s Literacy, she would log on to the Zoom call tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. and Mrs. Cook would teach a live class.  After completing the class, Mrs. Cook would give Suzy the points for completing the work.

As always, Zoom calls are completely optional.  We know there are many schedules to accommodate.  If you are unable to attend the Zoom calls but still need help, please reach out!  We are so happy to schedule a separate appointment.


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Literacy: For the month of May, the whole school will be reading Charlotte's web and working on activities to go along the book. For further information, please follow the link below. Or email me with any questions.




Math: I have created a folder named, "Math Online Work." There is a variety of math activities and worksheets I have put in there! Throughout the month of May, I will be adding more math resources that your child can print and work on them, at their own pace, throughout May. Please follow the link below to access that folder. There are also videos of myself, explaining concepts to the kiddos or demonstrating games that your child can practice at home!